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Hey guys! Sorry i have barely been posting I have been really busy! But i am going to get back into it! You all are my inspiration to get in shape and work for the body i deserve! Keep up the amazing work ladys you are all beautiful

xoxo Camille 

Anonymous asked: I know this has absolutely NOTHING to do with working out, but it has to do with confidence, and thats what working out is about, to give confidence, right? Well, I have this birthmark. A little bit of a size of a quarter, but smaller, and its darkish brown and on my neck and I hate it! I never wear my hair up because of it. Any tips to make me to be confident, or make it fade? I always think somebody will say something mean about it and get me down :/

What I do whenever I feel self conscious about something that I was born with is I embrace it to the fullest extent. Everyone has things about themselves that they don’t like, but if it’s something that you were born with or that’s super hard to get rid of, you should honestly just take it as a mark of beauty. Something like a birthmark(if you want it completely gone) would need surgical removal that is painful. What you should do, is think of it as a mark of beauty, not as a flaw. No one else in the world has something as unique as that, so you should flaunt it :)

I’m not very good at confidence advice, but I hope that helped xx

Okay so i have been getting a bunch of questions to post a picture of progress. So this is a picture that i took last weekend. My friends dressed me up and well i was kind of proud of how my legs looked. I know they are not great and i am not there yet but i can almost see where i want to be. So keep up with your goals and you will get there i promise! if i can you can!

xoxo Camille

Look girls her legs are not stick thin. This girl has mussel and is perfect. Skinny you look good with your cloths on, toned you look good cloths on and off!

Make it healthy! It’s yummy and great for you!

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